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4 Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Servicing

With summer just around the corner, all of us on the Sunshine Coast will be starting to use our air conditioning systems more frequently. That is why now is a better time than ever to check on your air conditioning system to make sure it is ready for summer.  

Over time and through usage, air conditioners can become blocked or develop faults that make them less efficient at cooling, and sometimes stop them from working altogether! Fortunately, the team at Coope Elec is here to help.  

We offer professional air conditioning servicing to get your air conditioning systems back into good shape so you can stay cool throughout the summer.  

In this blog update, we will be taking a look at 4 signs that suggest your air conditioning unit may be due for a service. 

Why Isn’t My Air Conditioner Cold?

The first sign to look out for is if your air conditioner is doing what it is designed to do, providing you with nice cool air.  

If you notice that your air conditioning unit isn’t providing cold air, and that what is coming out is room temperature, this is a clear sign that your air conditioning system is not functioning properly and is more than likely due for a service. 

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How Can I Reduce My Power Bill?

Although the price for power is increasing at the moment, having spikes in energy usage may be a sign that your air conditioning unit isn’t functioning properly.  

If you have noticed a sudden spike in power usage when beginning to use air conditioning more frequently, your air conditioning system may be due for a service.  

Contact the professionals at Coope Elec, your local Sunshine Coast air conditioning service professionals. 

Why Does My Air-conditioner Have Low Or No Airflow?

Another common sign of a problem with your air conditioning system is if you notice that it is providing a lower amount of air flow or maybe even no air flow at all.  

There can be a number of different potential causes for this, including blockages, dirty air filters or problems with the system.  

Whatever is causing the problem, you will need a professional to get your air conditioning system fixed and back to normal air flow. 

4 Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Servicing | Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning

Why Does My Air-Conditioner Smell Bad?

Is your air conditioning producing some nasty smells? Don’t worry, this is a common sign that it is due for a clean and service.  

Some air conditioners can be prone to developing mould. It is important to get this fixed as soon as possible.  

Not only to get your air conditioning back to normal, but also to prevent any potential health or fire risks.

Contact Your Local Sunshine Coast Air Conditioner Professionals

Do you feel like your air conditioner is not working like it used to? Have you noticed any of these signs with your air conditioner? Contact Matt from Coope Elec today for an air conditioning service.  

We provide maintenance and servicing for air conditioners all across the Sunshine Coast. Call us today on 0429 200 459 or get a quote through our website.

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